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Policies and Procedures

Guild Pharmacy Academy have a number of policies and procedures to assist you with your training enquiry.

Click on the applicable link to download the document.

Access and equityPDF218.94 KB Download
Continuous improvement policyPDF218.14 KB Download
AssessmentPDF252.16 KB Download
DisabilityPDF291.87 KB Download
Fees and chargesPDF238.96 KB Download
Language, literacy and numeracyPDF125.21 KB Download
Anti-discrimination, harassment and bullyingPDF248.03 KB Download
Complaints and appealsPDF231.93 KB Download
Credit transferPDF224.33 KB Download
Learner - individual needsPDF116.93 KB Download
Learner inductionPDF124.86 KB Download
Plagiarism managementPDF114.04 KB Download
LegislationPDF122.10 KB Download
PrivacyPDF128.41 KB Download
Qualifications issuingPDF125.74 KB Download
Recogntion of prior learningPDF125.25 KB Download
Refund cancellation transferPDF121.74 KB Download
Access to training recordsPDF215.43 KB Download
Governance, management and delegation of responsibilityPDF337.73 KB Download
Financial managementPDF213.36 KB Download
Communication strategyPDF249.72 KB Download
Equal opportunity and employmentPDF214.56 KB Download

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