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John Kardis

You are not alone – champion story

John Kardis – Advantage Pharmacy, Melbourne, VIC

John thinks that one of the biggest challenges in running a successful and efficient pharmacy business lies in the way inventory is managed.

The Advantage Pharmacy group has centralised and automated their ordering through a single platform. Thirty-three stores run on the platform, which automatically suggests purchases of prescription and over-the-counter medicines and retail items as needed, keeping the inventory streamlined and managed.

John constantly evaluates processes and tasks for potential automation opportunities. Stock is managed on demand rather than filling shelves and hoping it is sold. John does not drown the store in stock.

“Automation can save the pharmacy a substantial amount of time – administrative tasks such as purchasing, invoicing and inventory management are no longer consuming valuable time that staff can use to focus on better patient outcomes.”

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Community Pharmacist John Kardis

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Page last updated on: 21 July 2021