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Swarup Afsar

You are not alone – champion story

Swarup Afsar – Pharmacy 777, Nollamara, WA

The development of pharmacy health hubs gives community pharmacies the opportunity to take their delivery of professional services to the next level of patient care. Pharmacy 777 sets itself apart by focusing on imparting knowledge rather than selling products.

Speaking to local doctors, Swarup identified an unmet local need for mental health services, so he hired a counsellor and psychologist and built two consulting rooms. Swarup also hosts mothers’ groups and engages with the community outside the pharmacy, visiting schools, bowling clubs and general practices.

“The key part of community pharmacy is community. Every community is different and finding where your pharmacy fits in is essential for developing the health hub that best serves your patients. Everyone walking through your door must be considered as a patient, not a customer.”

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Community Pharmacist Swarup Afsar

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Page last updated on: 21 July 2021