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Cathie Reid

You are not alone – champion story

Cathie Reid – Epic Pharmacy, South Brisbane, QLD

Cathie is on the cutting edge of pharmacy innovation due to her deep experience and skill set. She knows that digital prescribing, digitally enabled health applications and wearables have a role in the pharmacy of the future, especially in relation to enhancing medication adherence and safety. If pharmacy is proactive in ensuring it has a place in the new digital health landscape, Cathie knows it can continue to be a successful healthcare destination.

Cathie believes that data presents currently unheralded opportunities for pharmacists and their patients. To take advantage, pharmacists need to understand the role data plays and adapt the way they engage with their patients.

“If Australian community pharmacy is not prepared to ensure they are digitally enabled, doctors and nurses will take this space. Even if people don’t know about new technologies it doesn’t mean they will not become mainstream. This can happen extremely quickly, and it is essential to be proactive.”

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Community Pharmacist Cathie Reid

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Page last updated on: 01 February 2022