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Catherine Bronger

You are not alone – champion story

Catherine Bronger – Chemistworks, Wetherill Park, NSW

The Gold Cross forms a core part of the independent Chemistworks brand..

Marketing on radio, social media and online is budgeted for and utilised effectively to ensure that the community is aware of the professional services such as vaccinations and pain management that are provided in the pharmacy.

Catherine's group also makes sure to leverage the differentiators of some of its pharmacies, for example Wetherill Park is open 24-hours, 365 days a year, so they make sure to highlight that in their marketing and branding.

“On average, pharmacies are two and a half kilometres apart. To differentiate themselves in the community, a standard of excellence and care must always be at the forefront of any branding and marketing."

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Community Pharmacist Catherine Bronger

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Page last updated on: 01 February 2022