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John Cao

You are not alone – champion story

John Cao – Mount Hawthorn Community Pharmacy, WA

John is optimistic about the future of community pharmacy, but sees the need for owners to recognise the new operating environment they are in, and to make the changes that are needed to prosper in it.

John has applied a number of  key performance indicators to ensure his staff (which are divided into teams based on their primary function) work as efficiently as possible. John has a strong focus on maximizing net profit growth by being cost efficient. He has used systems including task and inventory management software.

John believes that ongoing business operations monitoring can help owners spot any problems or negative trends.

“One pharmacy cannot cater to every patient segment; we need to make business decisions to please as many patients and customers as we can whilst maximising the store's net profit as a retail and health destination."

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Community Pharmacist John Cao


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Page last updated on: 01 February 2022