More Affordable Medicines

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia wants to see more affordable medicines for all Australians, and the restoration of the universality of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

The Guild is calling for an across-the-board $1 reduction in the PBS patient co-payment for all consumers. High out-of-pocket costs have an impact on the ability of some patients to be able to afford medicines that are vital to their health, so an across-the-board reduction in the co-payments would have positive health benefits.

Useful links

Below are links to the Guild's updates that have already been communicated with Guild Members and the public.

Forefront article - 6 February 2019

A message from George - 8 February 2019 (Member Only)

Pre-Budget Submission - 1 February 2019


The Guild is in the process of developing downloadable resources for members to use on their Social Media channels and in their pharmacies.

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