Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescribing will improve medication safety and provide new options and convenience of patients and their medicine supply. This initiative is a key priority within the National Digital Health Strategy.

Electronic prescriptions are an alternative to paper prescriptions which will allow people convenient access to their medications. Electronic prescriptions are optional, and patients will have the choice of receiving either an electronic or paper prescription from their prescriber (but not both). Electronic prescribing will continue to support a patient’s right to choose their prescriber and pharmacy to supply their medicines.

Members-Only Resource

The Guild has a dedicated Members-Only Exclusive resource page available which is updated regularly.

Click here to access this exclusive section of recommended resources to assist your pharmacy in successfully implementing e-prescriptions.

Preparing Your Pharmacy:

  • Ensure your pharmacy has a Healthcare Provider Identifier-Organisation (HPI-O) and is connected to the HI service. Information about how to register for a HPI-O is available here;
  • Ensure your pharmacy is connected to an open Prescription Delivery Service via a prescription exchange service such as eRx and MediSecure;
  • Update your patients’ and carers’ contact details on file (mobile phone number/email);
  • Subscribe to software provider correspondence;
  • Stay up to date with communication from the Guild;
  • Ensure you know any legal rules that are specific to state/territory such as the management of controlled medicines;
  • Keep your staff informed about electronic prescribing and how they may respond to patient’s questions about electronic prescription.

Additional Resources:

Contact the NSW Branch on 02 9467 7100 between 9am – 5pm AEST or email: enquiries@nsw.guild.org.au.

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Page last updated on: 02 June 2020