Suicide Prevention

People experiencing mental illness often face a greater risk of suicide compared to people with good mental health. Those experiencing suicidal thoughts and/or behaviours often find it difficult to approach or engage with appropriate services because of various reasons such as stigma, lack of knowledge, lack of resources and fear.

Community pharmacy is one of the most accessible healthcare providers and thus, it is important that all pharmacy staff including pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, are comfortable and confident to initiate conversations with people seeking help and support, particularly for those who are vulnerable and struggle with suicidal thoughts and/or behaviours.

The Mental Health Community Pharmacy Program – Suicide Prevention offers a range of unique educational training opportunities for all pharmacy staff. The available courses focus on topics including:

  • Essential communication skills including verbal and non-verbal language;
  • Culturally-respectful strategies to support Indigenous Australians;
  • Addressing stigma and fear;
  • Support for our regional, rural and remote communities and
  • Relevant and available support services and resources.

Register for your workshop of choice below:

For learners aged 16 years +, they must receive permission from their parent/guardian. A statutory declaration must be completed and submitted for the registration to be approved. Download the statutory declaration form here.

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Page last updated on: 10 December 2020