National RTO Policies & Procedures for Guild Training

To download the current version of the national policy and procedures for Guild Training, Please click on the following:

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State RTO Policies & Procedures for Guild Training New South Wales

New South Wales Branch do have state specific requirements that may differ to the national RTO policies and procedures stated above.

Please contact the NSW Branch if you require assistance in downloading the correct form. 

We have provided a description of the most popular forms used by Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia NSW Branch.

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NSW Refund, Cancellation and Credit Transfer Policy

The NSW refund policy outlines the requirements for a refund and or cancellation of an enrolment within a course with Guild Training.

The NSW refund policy does override the national Refund policy and must be inane with the NSW TAFE refund policy.

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Language, Literacy and Numeracy Procedure

Guild Training has a legal requirement to ensure that all students have access to support services for LLN requirements. Guild Training must ensure that our processes allow for students with LLN and support them to complete their studies.

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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantee will be provided to ASQA to satisfy AQTF Condition 5 – Financial Management & 22.3 Standards for NVR Approved Training Organisations.

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Request for a Certificate or Transcript

This form is required to be completed by all students and or Pharmacies that require a copy of a certificate and or transcript as evidence for QCPP and or for any requirements under nationally requested qualifications and or credit transfers.

ID will be required to be submitted with this form.

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Student Notification Procedure

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, NSW Branch has a responsibility to ensure that students complete their studies within the allocated time of their training contract. We are required to notify students if they are falling behind on their studies

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Transitioning of Students when training packages change

Transitioning of students is a legislative requirement through ASQA when a training package has been reviewed and major changes have been made. RTO’s have 12 months from the date of the endorsement to transition all students to the new qualification.

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