SIRCHCS2012 - S2/S3 Support the Supply of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines

What is S2/S3 Medicines Training?

S2/S3 Medicines Training refers to the nationally accredited unit Support the Supply of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist only Medicines Course (SIRCHCS201). It is a unit that contains information necessary for pharmacy and dispensary assistants to understand Schedule 2 (S2) and Schedule 3 (S3) products. It can be completed through our eLearning website, a hard copy workbook, or a Face-to-Face session.

All three methods follow a similar process. The primary difference between the three is the delivery method:

  • The Online S2/S3 has the learner work through online tutorials. They then complete a multiple choice questionnaire.
  • The Workbook sees a learner guide and an assessment booklet sent to the store, and then the assessment booklet is sent back to The Guild digitally.
  • The Face-to-Face training sees the learners undergo a classroom session to deliver the information with one of our trainers and can be done either at the Guild or at the store, at a time and date of your choosing.

Please note that at least six students are required for a face-to-face session. If you are interested in organising a session, please contact Learning and Development on the below number.

After one of these three methods is selected by the learner, an oral assessment and Supervisor’s Evidence Report (SER) must be completed. SERs are included in the workbook, or can be downloaded on the left hand side of this page. Oral assessments can also be organised by pressing the button to the left side of the screen, or by calling Learning and Development using the below number.

Pharmacy Assistants gain the skills and knowledge to handle customer enquiries, match products with medicine schedules, and refer to a pharmacist when Schedule 3 medicines are required or requested by a customer.

The SIRCHCS201 is required for any pharmacy assistant that will be directly or indirectly handling S2 or S3 medicines. It forms the basis of the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP).

A statement of attainment will be issued by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, RTO Number 0452 upon successful completion of the unit.

Please note that an individual cannot undertake S2/S3 training unless they are already working in a pharmacy.

Contact Us:

Tel: 02 9467 7130
Fax: 02 9467 7165

This unit will train students to:

  • Understand the legal and professional requirements relating to Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only medicines
  • Identify pharmacy assistant roles, responsibilities and restrictions for handling Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines
  • Develop knowledge of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines stocked by the pharmacy
  • Identify patient needs
  • Provide advice, product recommendations, information and support under pharmacist supervision
  • Communicate effectively with your customers

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia S2/S3 Training is:

Nationally Recognised
Units of Competency
Helping Pharmacy
     Compliance with QCPP     
Highly regarded within the
Pharmacy Industry

Course Pricing:

  Course Delivery Method  
  Member Pricing     Non Member Pricing  
  Online   $90.00   $120.00
  Workbook   $120.00   $150.00
  Face to Face   $120.00   $150.00

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