Membership Fees

The Guild’s membership fee comprises of a proprietor component and a premises component. All partners and pharmacies must be members of the Guild for membership to be valid.

Structure of Membership Fees

Membership comprises of two components, namely, the ‘premises’ component and the ‘proprietor’ component which is payable by all proprietors.

NOTE: A Membership Fees Explanatory Note has been provided to assist members calculating their membership subscription amount.

A statutory declaration is required to be signed by the Member if the partner proprietor (Member) seeks to be exempted from the proprietor component. This fee may be waived where the Branch Committee is satisfied that circumstances warrant such a waiver. The declaration is available from the Guild’s Membership department. Please note that all pharmacies owned by a Member (whether solely owned or in a partnership) and all partners must be Guild Members.

Payment of Membership Fees in Instalments

Payment of Membership fees may be made in three (3) instalments. Under the terms of the Constitution, these are due on 1 July, 1 October and 1 January.

Information for Partnerships

The Guild’s Constitution provides for the waiver of the proprietor subscription for a partner who works less than 520 hours per year in the partnership’s pharmacy or pharmacies. The non-working partner applying for this waiver must complete a Non-working Partner Declaration each year and submit it to the Guild.

Types of Membership

The annual membership subscription for the 2016/17 financial year is as follows. Please remember that if you are joining after July, your membership fees will be pro-rata until the end of the current financial/membership year.

Full Membership

Full membership is offered to qualified, registered pharmacy proprietors.

  • Proprietor
  • Main premises
  • Branch Premises

Associate Membership

Associated membership is available to registered pharmacists who do not own a pharmacy. This includes pharmacist managers, pharmacist employees, pharmacist graduates and accredited pharmacists.

Nominal Membership

Available to former pharmacy owners and former Guild members.

Student Membership

Available to students currently studying pharmacy and Graduates.

Other Fees

Guide to Poisons Schedules – 2016/17 Member Rate


It is the Guild’s policy, issued by the National Secretariat, that refunds are not provided. Membership fees may, however, be transferred on the purchase of a pharmacy or to Nominal membership.

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