Membership Fees and Charges - Explanatory Note

In order to calculate your membership subscription payable, please refer to the enclosed Membership Fees and Charges table.

Rule 31 of the Guild Constitution states that the annual membership subscription shall comprise a “premises” component and a “proprietor” component.

The “premises” component is applied to all pharmacies which are owned by the applicant for membership in which the applicant has a pecuniary interest including branch premises irrespective of the state or territory in which they are located.

The “proprietor” component applies to all proprietors whether operating singly, in partnership or as a director but is applied once only to any individual proprietor.

If you are already a member, the applicable membership fee is the “premises” component plus the Guide to Poisons Schedule fee. You do not have to pay the “proprietor” component twice. In partnerships, the “proprietor” component is “X” dollars times the number of partners who are not members of the Guild plus “Y” dollars for each premises at which it carries on the business of a pharmacist.

Thus, the following formula applies:

Membership Subscription and Related Fees = X + Y + Z


“X” represents the “Proprietor” component;

“Y” represents the “Premises” component; and

“Z” represents the Guides to Poisons Schedule and related amendments.

Please note that the Guild has a strict policy on “cherry pickers”. This policy applies to members who have resigned as Guild members for a reason other than sale of their pharmacy or who have been removed as a result of non-payment of their membership subscription fees and who subsequently apply for Guild membership.

In accordance with Rule 33(b) of the Guild Constitution, a fee of $1000 may be applied by the Branch to any subsequent membership application made by an ex-member after either resignation or removal as defined above who was in arrears at the time of their resignation or removal. In addition, past dues owed may also be pursued in accordance with Rule 33. This may include payment of any membership dues that were owed to the Guild but were not paid.

If you would like the Guild’s Membership department to calculate the applicable membership subscription and related fees or would like assistance, please contact (02) 9467 7100.

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Page last updated 25 August 2017