Gold Cross Products and Services

Gold Cross is a subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Members have access to special member benefits and services as well as parcel deals and promotions on a number of pharmaceutical products. Gold Cross' charter is to develop and promote to Guild member pharmacy only products and services to assist in improving sales and profitability of pharmacy and to raise revenue for the Guild.

Division Objectives

Gold Cross' objectives include:

  • Provide members with products and services;
  • Provide an income stream to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia;
  • Coordinate and implement marketing strategies for the confectionery range;
  • Prepare and implement an ongoing promotional plan for Gold Cross products and services;
  • Provide marketing assistance to other divisions of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers;
  • Promote community pharmacy to the industry and consumers.

To view the full list of Gold Cross Products and Services visit the Gold Cross website:

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Page last updated 20 July 2018