Interpath Methadone Pumps

Digital Bottle Top Dispensers for quick and accurate Methadone/Biodone dispensing. If you want precise client dosage direct from bottle, no wastage or mess and long lasting performance, then the Socorex 520 and 530 Calibrex™ Bottle Top Dispensers from Interpath Services are what you are looking for.

Volume setting is fast and precise with an effective click-stop mechanism which prevents unwanted volume alteration. Combining the latest in dosing technology, high-tech materials and ergonomic design, the Calibrex™ Bottle Top Dispenser provides users with a safe, low maintenance and user-friendly bottle top dispenser at an affordable price.

Calibrex 520 available in: 0.25-2ml, 1-5ml and 1-10ml models. Adapters supplied to suit various diameter bottle necks. Calibrex™ 530 available in: 2.5-25ml, 5-50ml and 10-100ml models. Adapters supplied to suit various diameter bottle necks.

Features Include:

  • Digital volume setting
  • Fast, easy operation
  • Self priming flow control stopcock versions now available
  • Wide volume range
  • Accurate Swiss technology
  • 360° dispensing head
  • Adaptors to suit commonly used Methadone bottles
  • Low maintenance
  • 2 Year warranty

Download a copy of the Product Brochure (includes full instrument range and product specifications)

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Cleaning Protocol for Socorex 520 and 530 Series Calibrex™ Dispensers
To maintain Calibrex™ dispensers in optimum working condition it is important that simple cleaning procedures are routinely followed.

PLEASE NOTE: A Decontamination Certificate must be completed and returned with any unit being returned for service or repair.

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