Rollex by Lec Vaccine Refrigeration


Rollex are importers and distributors of innovative products, with a medical and technical emphasis. They are the exclusive distributors of LEC vaccine refrigerators the market leaders and the only ones endorsed by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Rollex distributes its products Australia wide and places a strong emphasis on back up support and maintenance.


The Rollex LEC range of refrigeration units are specifically purpose built for the storage of vaccines, insulin and other temperature specific lines. The only systems endorsed by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, these QCPP compliant product systems together with e-temperature monitoring equipment will eliminate the uncertainty of temperature control.

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Rollex Temperature loggers are a thermometer with memory. They continually monitor the temperature and record the date, time and temperature in memory. These readings can then be sent to a computer to be viewed, saved and reloaded at a later date.

This allows you to know exactly what the temperature was at all times. You can determine if your goods are usable, if something is too hot or too cold, or to prove that everything is acceptable. The date and time information allows you to know exactly when a problem occurs and can often answer the why or who question. It is extremely easy to use and cost effective.

Available in Two Versions:

  • The Thermocron version is for all general purpose data logging applications.
  • The LogTag version features a flashing signal when alarm condition is breached.

Each device easily connects to a computer via a serial or USB port and can be easily configured and read with the supplied e-Temperature software.

For further information about how these devices can help your temperature monitoring and data logging requirements please contact Rollex on 1300 880 441 or visit the Rollex website

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Page last updated 25 August 2017