Codeine Schedule Changes

As you know, the National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee concerns about the increasing problem of misuse and abuse of non-prescription analgesic codeine medicines has resulted in changes to the scheduling of these medicines from1st May 2010.

The important points are that all combination analgesics containing codeine will be changed from Schedule 2 to Schedule 3 or Schedule 4 and that “cough and cold” codeine medicines (except those containing pseudoephedrine) are not affected and remain Schedule 2.

In order to help explain the changes to customers, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch) has produced the below poster. This complements the material provided to you by the Guild nationally.

The poster highlights the fact that pharmacist intervention is required in all sales of codeine combination analgesics and that larger pack sizes containing more than five days treatment require a doctor’s prescription. It conveys the message that you are acting in accord with new legal requirements.

Please note that codeine combination analgesics in Schedule 3 are not recordable. The only Schedule 3 R (recordable) products in NSW are those containing pseudoephedrine.

Click here to download the Codeine Changes Poster

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Page last updated 23 February 2017