Quit for New Life


The Quit for new life program provides best practice smoking cessation support to women having an Aboriginal baby and their household members who smoke. The program is an initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health and is primarily being delivered across NSW through Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Services (AMIHS) and Building Strong Foundations (BSF) programs located within Local Health Districts (LHDs).

Women attending participating services  are asked about smoking and those who smoke are offered comprehensive smoking cessation support. This includes brief advice to quit, referral to Quitline free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and extended follow-up support. The first LHD commenced Quit for new life in early 2013 with all 13 LHDs on board by March 2015.  As of September 2016 the program had supported 1787 pregnant Aboriginal women, 746 postnatal women and 1341 cohabitants to quit smoking.


Provision of free NRT via a voucher scheme

The provision of free NRT to pregnant and postnatal women and their household members is a key strategy of Quit for new life.  An NRT Protocol and NRT in Pregnancy fact sheet have been developed to provide evidence-based guidance for the provision of NRT to pregnant women (click on the files below to download a copy). 

A voucher scheme for the provision of up to 12 weeks free NRT to women and household members has been established, administered by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, NSW Branch on behalf of the Ministry of Health. For more information on how the scheme works in NSW, the role of the community-based pharmacist, a sample voucher and to download a useful Ready Reckoner for working out how much of each NRT product to provide for a 2 week supply, click on the relevant documents below.  


Quit for new life protocol for provision of NRT
NRT in pregnancy fact sheet
Sample NRT Voucher
NRT Guide for pharmacists – Ready Reckoner for supplying a 2 week voucher


For further information about Quit for new life or questions about NRT in pregnancy, please contact:
Rhonda Matthews, Quit for new life Coordinator, NSW Ministry of Health
Phone: 9391 9951 or email: rhonda.matthews@doh.health.nsw.gov.au

For enquiries related to the Quit for new life NRT voucher scheme, please contact: The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, NSW Branch on Phone: 9467 7100 or email: enquiries@nsw.guild.org.au

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