Standards and guidelines

The Queensland Pharmacist Vaccination Standard states the requirements for a pharmacist who wants to participate in pharmacist vaccinations in Queensland and includes pharmacist training, patient requirements, premise requirements, equipment requirements, written procedures and records.  This is in accordance with the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 and the Drug Therapy Protocol (DTP).  The Practice guidelines for the provision of immunisation services within pharmacy provides guidance to pharmacists on professional issues and obligations relating to pharmacy immunisation services. 

The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines Strive for 5 outline the requirements for monitored refrigerated storage facilities and you must have access to the most current edition.

The latest edition of the Australian Immunisation Handbook must also be accessible and contains recommendations of consumables to be made available to the vaccinating pharmacist.

QCPP accredited pharmacies should refer to the Pharmacy Business Support Team on 073831 3788 or for further information on the QCPP requirements regarding consultation rooms and meeting the procedural requirements.

Further FAQs about Standards and Guidelines can be accessed via Pharmacist Vaccination in Queensland Frequently Asked Questions.

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Page last updated 25 August 2017