The Queensland Guild Pharmacy Business Support Team is up-to-date with the latest business support services and tools. We help members access and understand resources, to ensure they continue to be viable in a changing landscape.

Guild Member Services and Benefits

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Pharmacy Transformation

Transformation is about making fundamental changes in how you conduct your business to meet shifts in the market environment. The Guild is focused on delivering the best support to our members in the interests of enhancing the value of community pharmacy. Whether it’s advice and support about business or management models, technology and IT, innovative practices and health solutions, community engagement or leadership and resilience, the Pharmacy Business Support Officers can help members transform their business. Learn more


Your dedicated Pharmacy Business Support officer will assist in all aspects of QCPP, from implementation through to assessment and beyond. They will ensure that QCPP is assisting business owners to maximise emerging opportunities through a thorough quality management system. QCPP is the industry standard for excellence in pharmacy, dedicated to raising the standards of pharmacy service provided to the public while driving your business forward.

Opportunity Analysis & Health Advice Plus

100% of pharmacies are missing out on opportunities in their business. On average these opportunities equal $20,000 - $25,0000...Find out more and start your journey.

The Guild’s support service for member pharmacies who want to get started, or need additional support to integrate and deliver successful health programs and services. The Guild’s Health Advice Plus Program provides a suite of resources and operational processes, tailored to your business. Our aim is to ensure that services delivered by your pharmacy are commercially and operationally viable, and provide quality health outcomes for your patients.

Professional Services Viability Tool

Combining established cost bases with your pharmacy’s details, the Professional Service Viability Tool provides a guide for delivering pharmacy professional services and the associated consumer fee for service for delivering pharmacy professional services. Learn more

Pharmacy Health Solutions Guide

Providing health services and consistent pharmacist-led counselling and advice in support of Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) principles has been shown to enhance the patient experience through quality health outcomes. The Preparing your pharmacy for change guide (2MB PDF) provides pharmacy owners with information on how to implement changes within their pharmacy to support these outcomes. It is anticipated that implementing such changes should have a flow-on effect of increasing pharmacy revenue. This guide places a focus on tools and techniques that will allow pharmacists to examine and adjust their operations and workflows in support of such a change or transformation. Learn more

Pharmacy Rental Report

The dynamics of pharmacy remuneration has changed, largely because of major changes to the PBS. This factor needs to be taken into consideration in rental arrangements. This document serves to improve relationships between pharmacists and landlords and, in addition, to give a greater understanding of pharmacy. Learn more

Reporting Turnover Guidelines

These Guidelines have been developed to provide members with an overview of the legal framework governing leasing arrangements for pharmacy premises and to identify some of the commercial issues which members should be aware of when dealing with landlords.

Guild Digest

The Guild Digest presents a snapshot of pharmacy operations in Australia for the preceding financial year. Its primary purpose is to serve as a financial benchmarking tool for community pharmacy owners, managers and financial advisers in a rapidly evolving economic environment. The Digest is also used by banks and pharmacy brokers to assist with pharmacy valuations, and in negotiations with Government for Community Pharmacy Agreements. Learn more

Pharmacy Business Resilience Kit

It is vitally important pharmacies understand the impact of Simplified Price Disclosure and take early action to secure the future of their business. By taking a business focused approach, pharmacies will give themselves maximum opportunity to remain profitable and reduce the impact of Simplified Price Disclosure. There are important actions pharmacies should take now. Learn more

Gold Cross Member Benefits

Guild Members have exclusive access many national services and resources including AVBS – Vehicle Buying Services, Avis and Budget – Car Rental, BUPA – Health Insurance Plan, Cardplus Shell Fuel Card, Floor Matting, Guild Member Services, Jobs4Careers – Pharmacy Jobs, Lease1, Motorpass Fuel Card, National Guide to Community Pharmacy, Nielsen – Your Pharmacy Matters, Practice4Sale, Qantas Club Membership, Wall Planner. Learn more

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