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Nicholas Efstathis
Pharmacy Business Support State Manager

Libby Whitehead
Pharmacy Business Support Pharmacist

Andrew Harman
Pharmacy Business Support Pharmacist

Jill Power
Pharmacy Business Support Officer

Michael Garrett
Pharmacy Business Support Pharmacist

Kelly Danvers
Pharmacy Business Support Officer

What you need to know this month!

January 2020 What you need to know in January 2020.

AUSkey Closing at the End of March 2020
Date published: 17 January 2020
By the end of March this year, the Australian Government will move all business services that were managed online by AUSkey onto a new platform!  READ MORE >

Recording Initials as Part of the Dispensing Process

Date published: 17 January 2020
Do you and your pharmacy staff know who’s initials should appear in the dispensary record for medications dispensed in a pharmacy. READ MORE >

WORKSHOP: Driving Pharmacy Health Services Beyond CPA

Date published: 17 January 2020
How do pharmacy health service offerings impact a customer’s journey to store loyalty?  What is your pharmacy’s brand position and how can it be improved to really make your mark within the community? REGISTER NOW >

WEBINAR: Digital and Social Media

Date published: 17 January 2020
Part of the Queensland Pharmacy Business Webinar series, Digital and Social Media will present a guide to implementing digital strategies and essential marketing tools in their business, delivered through the lens of the Guild's CP2025 Digital Enablement Framework for Change. REGISTER NOW >

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