CPD Accreditation

Under the auspices of the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC), The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland (The Guild) may accredit continuing professional development (CPD) for pharmacists that is eligible to be used as supporting evidence of continuing competence.

The accreditation of CPD activities (such as lectures, workshops, articles and conferences) provides an assurance to pharmacists that an activity has been reviewed for its educational quality and for its relevance to a pharmacist’s practice.

CPD Activity Provider’s Responsibilities

  • Deliver the accredited CPD activity in accordance with the application as approved.
  • Notify The Guild of any amendments / alterations to the accredited CPD activity via completion of the Notification of Change Form prior to delivery and ongoing as required.
  • Promote the accredited CPD activity as per the APC Marketing Policy.
  • Provide the Guild with a summary of participant evaluations when requested.
  • Ensure that the National Privacy Principles – Principle 2 will be complied with for all relevant material and storage of participant information.

To begin the CPD accreditation application process for your activity, simply:

  1. Download the Accreditation Application Form, Conflict of Interest Declaration and Accreditation Applicant Guide.
  2. Email the completed forms and supporting documents to cpd.accreditation@qldguild.org.au . The Guild can assist CPD Activity Providers with completing forms so please don’t hesitate to ask.
  3. The CPD Accreditation Coordinator will acknowledge the receipt of the application and issue your activity with a reference number.
  4. Processing time for an application is 20 business days from receipt of a complete application. Fast tracking of applications is available on request and charged as per the CPD Accreditation - Schedule of Fees. The processing time for a fast-track application is 10 business days from the receipt of a complete application.
  5. The processing time for a Notification of Change is 20 business days from the receipt of the revised/amended application. Please submit both the original and the revised (new) content for review.

Forms for CPD Activity Providers

Reference Material

All enquiries about accreditation should be directed to cpd.accreditation@qldguild.org.au.

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Page last updated on: 29 November 2019