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The Course  ‘Vaccination services delivered by Pharmacists’ has been approved by the SA Department of Health and Ageing  to train, mentor and coach Pharmacists in the techniques required to conduct an immunisation service within a Community Pharmacy.

Pharmacists completing this course will obtain a statement of participation in: 
‘Vaccination services delivered by Pharmacists’ .

Course Entry Requirements

Pharmacists wishing to complete the course in conduct Immunisation Services within a Community Pharmacy Environment must show currency in the following courses prior to attending. Pharmacists must also be currently registered with SA Department of Health and Aging and submit a copy of their registration certificate prior to attending the course.

For further information, and to register your pharmacy with the Department of Health and Ageing , click here

Pre-requisite Training Courses

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid (less than 12 months old)

Anaphylaxis for Pharmacists - Complete here

Understanding vaccines and adult vaccination requirements for workplace programs - Complete here

(Additional Courses above may attract an additional fee)

Practical Workshop

Course Date:    Tuesday 20th June 2017

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The course equips Pharmacists with the following skills and knowledge:

Understanding Immunisation within Community Pharmacy
  1. Understanding Immunisation and the Australian Immunisation Program

  2. Demonstrate preparing consumers for immunisation including questioning and pre-screening as per the Australian Immunisation Handbook

  3. Demonstrate the collection of the vaccine including Strive for 5 guidelines, QCPP cold Chain requirements and correct collection techniques  

  4. Demonstrate preparing to administer the vaccine including preparing the injection site, completing the documentation and identifying the vaccine to the consumer

  5. Managing Adverse Events including Anaphylaxis, Syncope, Fainting, Allergic reactions and preparing and implementing emergency plans and protocols

  6. Follow up the immunisation procedure in line with the  Australian Immunisation Handbook

Course Pricing:

$450 – Current Guild Member                                                         

$500 - Guild Member employee

$550 - Non Guild Member

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