The Pharmacy Guild of Australia WA Branch

1322 Hay Street

West Perth


PO BOX 968

West Perth, WA 6872


Ph: (08) 9429 4100

Fax: (08) 9324 2075


Matthew Tweedie, Director

Stephen Wragg, President

Member Services and Business Support

Anthony McAnuff
Executive Manager

Janice Godsall

Lyndsey Mead
Membership & Communications Coordinator

Kate Jensen

Nada Clark
Business Support Officer
0407 080 044

Andria Aird
Business Support Officer
0413 121 146

Joanne Arbuckle
Business Support Officer
0438 895 002


Cathie Marshall
Quality Manager
0407 071 108

Natasha Sergeant
Pharmacy Assistant Training Officer

Elizabeth Murphy
Pharmacy Assistant Training Officer

Sue Hodges
Compliance Officer

Lenette Mullen
Intern Training Program Clinical Tutor

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Page last updated 25 August 2017