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  1. FPP Blog Series: Issue 24: Moving Beyond Your Four Walls

    16 November 2017

    Many community pharmacies traditionally have based their success around location and convenience. There are few however who are lucky enough to have a great location where many local residents walk past your store, or have what I call the golden…

    WA | Blog Post | Training, Business Administration, Marketing, Innovation

  2. FPP Blog Series: Issue 23: Merchandising for the Modern Consumer

    9 November 2017

    This blog discusses tips and Guidelines to ensure maximum impact and sales from your promotional displays.

    WA | Blog Post | Training, Marketing, Innovation

  3. FPP Blog Series: Issue 22: Leadership for New Pharmacy Owners

    2 November 2017

    For pharmacists who have just become owners for the first time, one of the critical changes that happens is the transitioning from employee to employer. It is not a quick and certainly not an easy change, but it is one…

    WA | Blog Post | Business Administration, Innovation, Leadership, Resilience

  4. Staying alert for women’s cancers

    1 November 2017

    It is a grim and sobering statistic that every day in Australia, about 50 women will be told they have breast or a gynaecological cancer.


  5. M.Y.P.D – My Professional development

    28 October 2017

    As Pharmacy Assistants there are numerous ways we can benefit from reviewing the Training Package and unit of competencies when developing our professional development plan.

    National, QLD | Blog Post | HR, Leadership

  6. FPP Blog Series: Issue 21: Leadership in the Current Age of Pharmacy

    26 October 2017

    This week we ran a free business management workshop and webinar at the Pharmacy Guild WA Branch. The aim of the workshop was to get owners thinking about their own management style and ensuring they take the right approach to…

    WA | Blog Post | Training, Business Administration, Innovation, Leadership

  7. Importance of sexual health

    24 October 2017

    Sexual health has some broad descriptions but is generally defined as including measures to reduce the prevalence of sexual problems and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates, as well as reducing unwanted pregnancies.

    National | Blog Post | Clinical

  8. FPP Blog Series: Issue 20: Common Errors in Pharmacy Accounting Systems Part 2

    19 October 2017

    Continuing from last week’s blog on the common errors we find in pharmacy accounting systems, we delve further into issues which can cause inaccuracies in your financial data. As we discussed owners are making significant decisions on this data, as…

    WA | Blog Post | Training, Business Administration, Innovation

  9. The belly blues – what to do when gastro strikes

    17 October 2017

    Gastroenteritis or gastro as it is commonly known, affects thousands of people in Queensland each year and statistics show that annually there is 4.1 million cases across Australia with the total annual cost to society through missed work of $1.249 billion.

    National, QLD | Blog Post | Clinical

  10. FPP Blog Series: Issue 19: Common Errors in Pharmacy Accounting Systems

    12 October 2017

    One of the most important aspects of running a business, especially community pharmacy businesses, are the financial and accounting systems.Owners base decisions on this data, as do banks, valuers, future partners and owners, the Australian Taxation Office etc. So many…

    WA | Blog Post | Training, Business Administration, Innovation


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