How to establish a loyal customer base for a new pharmacy with a limited budget

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Date: 15 May 2019

GuildCare National Pharmacy of the Year Winner – Soul Pattinson Canning Vale WA’s Solution: Create a strong brand with referrals and recommendations from local healthcare professionals.

Any business needs to invest time and money into developing their brand for long-term customer loyalty and sales, this is especially true for new businesses. Every marketing expert will tell you that word of mouth advertising is the most powerful and cost-effective way to build brands.

In the healthcare industry, word of mouth advertising sometimes goes by other names like ‘referrals’ and ‘recommendations’, pharmacies that focus on holistic patient care can build a strong brand in no time if they use the right tactics.

“We got very involved with the community quickly to make people aware [of us]. Our high level of service has created great word of mouth advertising.” When the pharmacy first opened less than two years ago, Julie and the team in Canning Vale focused on fostering good relationships with local doctors and ensuring the health community knew what services the pharmacy could offer.

Reaching out to other healthcare professionals in the local area doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. According to Julie, “we use the interprofessional collaboration module [in GuildCare NG] quite a lot, it’s so important to communicate with the nearby doctors and it’s so easy to follow up in the module the templates for professional collaboration are really useful and helpful, they make us look much more professional and it only takes a minute to get one done.”

By concentrating on establishing care-based communications with local health providers about specific patients, Julie has built a very loyal customer base so she doesn’t need to rely on retail discounts to keep people coming through the doors. The doctors and specialists in the area know that Soul Pattinson Canning Vale will do all they can to help a patient have the best health outcome possible so they are confident referring them, you can’t buy advertising that powerful for any brand.

Using the Interprofessional Collaboration module in GuildCare NG isn’t the only brand building they’ve done either; “Using myPharmacyLink has been a big part of us offering exceptional customer service. We take the time to show the customers that will benefit the most from it exactly how to use it.” Julie knows this creates loyalty and definitely drives new business. They’ve also taken the time to put their own branding in the app so that customers are always aware who’s providing great care digitally and in person.

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