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Date: 8 July 2019

Pharmacy 777 in Glengarry WA has developed a strategy of active collaboration with allied health professionals and the community, a strategy which saw it winning the award for Excellence in Community Engagement, Collaboration and Partnerships in the Guild Pharmacy of the Year competition this year.

Proprietor Tina Pasyar said the win was a big moment for the pharmacy and all the staff.

“What it meant for us was that it made us more confident in what we are doing. It shows we are doing the right things in the pharmacy and that this approach is recognised by the whole profession,” Ms Pasyar said.

“It has given us an improved level of inspiration and desire to reach even greater heights in the future.

“Importantly I think that winning such a prestigious award has made us even more willing to try new things and to be more innovative and future focused.”

Over and above what the award has meant for the pharmacy and its staff has been the impact it has had on Pharmacy 777’s patients and customers.

Ms Pasyar said it was immediately clear that the pharmacy’s customer base identified with the honour.

“We noticed immediately that our patients felt they were all a part of the win,” she said.

“Being named as the winner of the Excellence in Community Engagement, Collaboration and Partnerships award has given our patients and customers the confidence that we are the best of the best and that their pharmacy will provide them with the best patient health care in Australia.

“The community has become closer to us and what we do.

“Everyone is talking about the award.

“Given our close collaboration with other health professionals in the area, the success has rubbed off on them as well.

“This has resulted in other health care professionals in our community feeling like they are a part of the great win.

“It also has made us more respected with our allied health professionals and with our community.

“This is remarkably positive for us and everyone in our community.”

Ms Pasyar said pharmacies thinking of entering for the award shouldn’t hesitate.

“The process of entering is too, too easy. There really is nothing to it and it is set up to encourage people to enter and to be recognised for the great things they are doing,” she said.

“It's not about being the biggest and most fancy pharmacy in Australia.

“It’s about the little pharmacy gems in Australia that are intrinsically focused on their patient needs and are doing simple things that are great.”

Pharmacy 777’s inclusive community engagement strategy, which is designed to encourage discussions around better health, is a strong focus of the pharmacy’s operations

“We work towards building trust and long-term relationships with our patients, their families and members of the extended community, so we can be sure we’re providing relevant services and making life-long patient connections,” Ms Pasyar said.

Part of the strategy incorporates strong support for community groups and schools. Ms Pasyar said there were five schools in the pharmacy’s catchment area and it provided a lot of services to them.

“We support local schools and community groups with care-packs, raffle prizes and in-pharmacy competitions and cross-promote important health initiatives such as Walk to School Week via social media.

“We also help with fund-raising and health sessions at schools for students and parents.

“Providing patients with coffee vouchers for neighbouring cafés has turned a short wait into a community engagement opportunity and in turn local businesses are advocates for our services.

“We also present at gyms and sports clubs and other venues.”

Ms Pasyar said the area had a strong focus on women’s health and the pharmacy was at the forefront of this, including having services provided by two midwives from the pharmacy.’

“We also host a mothers’ group every week as well as having close relationships with the local maternity hospital.”

Ms Pasyar said the pharmacy’s collaborative approach ensured it remained respectful and inclusive towards other health care providers.

“Several initiatives, including the introduction of GP referral pads, have been very successful in increasing referrals back to the pharmacy,” she said.

“Our whole approach is; how we can best provide for the health needs of our community?

“All of these things have helped contribute to us winning the award.”

Ms Pasyar said being a part of the Pharmacy of the Year process had been one of the greatest experiences of her career.

“It was so much more fun than I thought it would ever be. It has also taught me a lot,” she said.

Think your pharmacy is up to the Pharmacy of the Year challenge? Entries for the 2020 Guild Pharmacy of the Year competition close soon. Enter online at

The Guild Pharmacy of the Year 2020 is an initiative of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, sponsored by principal sponsor Care Pharmaceuticals and major sponsor the Quality Care Pharmacy Program.

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