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Date: 11 January 2019

Mount Isa Amcal Pharmacy

Mount Isa, QLD Population: 18,671*
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population: 2.8%
*2016 census

The best part about a rural pharmacy lifestyle

The community pharmacy team live, work and actively engage in the Mount Isa community. Through strong and personable relationships built over time, the pharmacy team supports maintaining a greater sense of community.

The most successful category or service

Providing a dependable and consistent service that cannot be compromised is a continuous priority for Mount Isa Amcal Pharmacy. One-on-one patient interaction is high as the pharmacy is open seven days a week in a remote area. The entire team demonstrates commitment and passion, Mount Isa Amcal Pharmacy takes great pride in striving to excel in community engagement and cultural awareness.

Having a contract with the Aboriginal Health Service is a real highlight

Working closely with the remote Aboriginal Health Service includes providing medicines and Dose Administration Aids (DAAs) and site visits to places like Mornington Island and Doomadgee. Pharmacists provide education and ensure timely access to medicines, it’s really important as these places are very remote.

Recruiting and retaining staff

As a mining town, Mount Isa is a transient area and staff usually stay a couple of years. The population fluctuates depending on the mines and there are a lot of career opportunities due to the mines.

It isn’t unusual for pharmacy assistants working within the Mount Isa Amcal Pharmacy team to have a partner working in the mines.

Flexible working arrangements both for lifestyle and career development are essential to support retaining staff.

Being in a remote location certainly has its challenges

Ensuring stock levels and constantly maintaining stock control is key to ensure ongoing access to medicines for the Mount Isa community.

Staying up to date with trends in Industry is considered challenging and visiting representatives across a range of services occurs less frequently compared to urban and regional areas due to the remote location.

Regardless of the challenges, the team at Mount Isa Amcal Pharmacy consider working in remote community pharmacy to work in their favour and an opportunity to stay in contact.

Consistently maintaining good patient interactions, providing a high level of service and staying in close contact with all networks is a continuing priority.

Intern and Student Placements and opportunities for lifelong friendships

With a view that the opportunity to work in a remote community pharmacy provides invaluable experience for both interns and students offering so much more than initially anticipated, the Mount Isa Amcal Pharmacy team includes a current Intern and many previous intern and student placements.

The opportunity to make lifelong friendships is possible and is a lived experience for team members as well as wider community participation with sporting clubs and community events.

“Placements enable students’ one-on-one time with their preceptor, this can sharpen skills and strengthen interacting with a broad range of customers … really adding to confidence during such a crucial time in a pharmacist’s work and study life.”

Rural pharmacies will be highlighted at the annual Rural Pharmacy Forum at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference, March 7-10 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. For further information email

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