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  1. FPP Blog: 5 Social media content ideas that will delight customers

    13 March 2020

    So, you’ve joined social media, good job! However, the real fun begins now as you must start posting content. Thinking of innovative, engaging and fresh content doesn’t always come easy. Also, when you’re working in a pharmacy often you juggle…

    WA | Blog Post | Marketing

  2. FPP Blog: Are your providing turnover figures to your landlord?

    6 March 2020

    Are you providing turnover figures to your landlord? You may have the right to stop - regardless of what's in your lease!

    WA | Blog Post | Capability, Business Administration, Infrastructure, Resilience

  3. FPP Blog: Employment Essentials - Sick Leave

    28 February 2020

    In our last few Industrial Relations-related blogs, we touched upon where our leave entitlements derive from and outlined entitlements to both long service leave and annual leave. In our third and final Employment Essentials series post, we will briefly touch…

    WA | Blog Post | HR


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