Capital Chemist Chisholm (ACT)

The culture of the pharmacy team is critical to the success of the operation of a business and this has been highlighted by the success of Capital Chemist Chisholm in the ACT.

Proprietor Rebecca Young said she believed the pharmacy’s high staff retention rate could be attributed to an inclusive, supportive, flexible and motivated work place where the staff enjoy the people they work with, have fun, and most importantly, love our local community.

“We set KPIs, monitor them and always strive to achieve and improve them,” she said.

“We have hired consultants to give us an outside perspective and sent our team to numerous training events and conferences.”

Ms Young said the pharmacy also used any networking opportunities that presented themselves including involvement at the pharmacy and health courses at the University of Canberra and had become a clinical training site so that it could mentor future pharmacists.

staff from Capital Chemist Chisholm, Australian Capital Territory

“We have also learnt from our mistakes and business challenges such as human resource issues, IT challenges and two recent burglaries,” she said.

“When we have been presented with these challenges, our team has worked together to overcome the problem and implemented new and better strategies to prevent these issues from occurring again.

“Most of our team have been with us through our business management transformation. We have invested time and energy into explaining why any changes are made and they have been there to witness the outcomes, are proud of where we have come from and what we have achieved, and are excited about the future.”

Mrs Young said since taking over the pharmacy more than 10 years ago she had devoted time and effort into building the team and ensuring that all staff recognised they were valued as members of that pharmacy team.

“We also like to celebrate our successes and this can range from small rewards to group team building events.

“The team members are very close and devoted to the pharmacy and this has meant we have a very low staff turnover which our patients really appreciate.

“The pharmacy has been here for 30 years and we still have original patients, some of whom come in weekly.

“Because of our staff’s close relationship with patients they know that whenever the patient comes in they get the same level of caring service and knowledge, which is a focus of our training.

“Our patients also see that our team is united and this further boosts their confidence in us – and their trust.

“Our patients have great trust in us and our approach ensures that trust is well placed. We value that trust immensely and ensure it is never taken for granted.”

Mrs Young said her investment in training and up-skilling the team had also been integral to success and made the pharmacy a community health hub.

“It has enabled improved patient care and provides professional satisfaction for our team.”

Giving the staff security also has been important and this has been underscored by the pharmacy recently negotiating a long-term lease on its premises.

“We are also in the process of negotiating more space to allow us to increase to three consultation rooms, further improve our workflow and increase automation in our business operations,” she said.

“We have utilised tools such as the Guild’s Opportunity Analysis, Health Advice Plus, ScriptMap and Community Pharmacy 2025 to look for new opportunities and to refine our business operations.”

Mrs Young said the pharmacy had joined a range of pharmacy forums to help broaden its network and learning reach.

“We also spend a lot of time collaborating and partnering with our local doctors and our sleep apnoea service has really increased the opportunities for two-way referrals with other health professionals,” Mrs Young said.

“We have been able to help hundreds of patients with previously undiagnosed sleep apnoea as a result of introducing this service.

“It leads to them having happier, healthier and longer lives. Importantly it also leads to better outcomes for their partners and families who also can be affected by their sleep apnoea.

“And from a staff point of view it is extremely rewarding for us to see just how much better these patients are and how grateful they are for what we have been able to achieve for them.”

“We want to achieve the best outcome for our business and our community and we can’t do this alone.

“Our success hasn’t happened overnight and our disciplined approach, awareness of what is happening in the industry and desire to succeed will help ensure our long-term viability.”

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Page last updated on: 22 April 2020