Finding a pharmacy during the holiday season

Date: 16 December 2016

The holiday season sees many people spending time away from their homes and in unfamiliar destinations where they do not know the location of essential health services like pharmacies.

Unfortunately the need to take medications during these times does not take a holiday so it is vital that consumers have ready access to a tool that helps them pinpoint a pharmacy and also locate a pharmacy that can provide the particular services they may be seeking.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Find a Pharmacy website ( has been designed specifically to help consumers find a pharmacy by location, service, operating hours and even languages spoken.

On the homepage, consumers can choose to search for a pharmacy within a 5, 10 or 15-kilometre radius of the address they input. They can then select to sort by the services provided by the pharmacy, the hours it is open or the languages spoken at the pharmacy.

National President of the Pharmacy Guild, George Tambassis, said the service was especially useful during the holiday period when many people were travelling.

“During this time people are away from their local pharmacy and the Find a Pharmacy website helps to ensure they can maintain continuity of supply of their medicines and also access pharmacy services they may need,” he said.

“The Find a Pharmacy tool is not designed for emergency use and consumers should seek the assistance of emergency services is such situations.

“In an emergency or life-threatening situation they should call 000. However, the Find a Pharmacy website can ease a lot of the stress of travel as it enables people to plan ahead or even to save time when they arrive at a destination and need a pharmacy.”

Mr Tambassis said the facility to choose by services provided, hours of operation and languages spoken had been developed to help consumers pinpoint the most appropriate pharmacy for their particular needs.

“This is useful not only when travelling but also when consumers need to find a pharmacy in their local area which has specific opening hours or a particular service they require,” he said.


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