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Date: 11 December 2017

For many people the summer season involves family holidays and travelling, and properly preparing for such a trip is an important part of ensuring the break is a happy and healthy one.

But all too often we forget to prepare properly, and our holiday fun can be side-tracked with looking after a child who has been sunburned, stung, bitten or is just plain unwell.

To help you avoid problems while on your break, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has prepared a medicines checklist to assist people planning a trip away with their children.

The checklist includes suggestions of things to consider packing to treat pain, fever and colds; protect your child’s skin from bugs and the sun, tummy upsets and more. Along with suggestions on preparing for a range of different holidays (from beach and camping, to winter and overseas), the medicines checklist can be viewed here:

The checklist is part of a collection of advice articles on a new Guild website which has combined the popular and informative “Find a Pharmacy” and “Ask Your Pharmacist” websites.

The new website provides advice from pharmacists on common health issues and educates consumers on the range of services available in community pharmacies, while also helping them to find the right pharmacy that offers the services they need.,

As well as helping you find a suitable pharmacy by location and/or service provided, the new website has consumer information on more than 50 health topics and medical conditions. The site can be accessed at

Contact: Greg Turnbull
Phone: 0412 910 261

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