Strong demand for flu vaccine through community pharmacy

Date: 29 May 2019

Community pharmacies are experiencing strong demand for the flu vaccine as a result of the early onset of the flu this year and its unexpected severity.

Acting National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Trent Twomey said some pharmacies were reporting that their stocks of flu vaccines were running low.

“However I would stress that while there may be isolated cases of pharmacies running very low on vaccines, at the moment they can usually source supplies from other pharmacies that have stock or from manufacturers,” Mr Twomey said.

“I also welcome the statement from the Minister for Health Greg Hunt today that he has been working closely with the manufacturers of vaccines to ensure there is continuity of supply in the private market, including through community pharmacies.

“Keeping supply to the private market as well as to the National Immunisation Program is vitally important to ensure community immunity.”

Mr Twomey said the Minister had indicated manufacturers were addressing the issue of stocks running low.

“For instance Sanofi has said it will bring a further 400,000 vaccines to Australia which will be made available through general practice and community pharmacy.

“These additional stocks are expected to arrive within weeks.”

“As Minister Hunt said, this will take the overall number of flu vaccines available in Australia this year to more than 12.5 million, an increase from 11 million in 2018.”

Mr Twomey said reports of stocks running low should not deter consumers from going to their local pharmacies that provide flu vaccines.

“Community pharmacies are the most accessible places to get the flu vaccine and I urge people to check with their local pharmacy that provides the service to check as to availability,” he said.

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