The PBS – delivering value for consumers


Date: 30 September 2015

The recent release of Federal Budget figures has confirmed that the ongoing reforms of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme have delivered savings for taxpayers and value for consumers.

The Final Budget Outcomes for 2014‑15 reveal that PBS expenditure came in at $285 million below the forecasts published in the Budget in May this year.

The figure confirms yet again that the PBS is on a sustainable path, and that the price disclosure reforms since 2008 have delivered more savings to the Government than expected.  These are savings to which thousands of community pharmacies have contributed, shouldering a burden on behalf of the health system.

The further $6.6 billion of PBS reforms announced this year will continue to constrain PBS spending, making it not only the best subsidised medicines scheme in the world, but the most demonstrably sustainable.

Contact: Pharmacy Guild of Australia

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