Consumers overwhelmingly back professional service delivery


Date: 16 November 2016

The latest Pharmacy Guild Customers Experience Index has identified the professional services consumers use – and expect – in their community pharmacy.

Blood pressure testing has been rated by customers as the service they use most in their community pharmacies.

This was closely followed by diabetes services and the provision of vaccinations, according to the latest Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Customer Experience Index (CEI).

The index survey saw 1,000 pharmacies around Australia visited to have their customer experience personally assessed through more than 8,000 interviews with patients as they left the store. 

Other findings of the CEI were that additional services which rated highly with awareness of consumers included dose administration aids, blood glucose testing, in-pharmacy medicines reviews, and weight loss and weight management.

The main services to feature on the index were recognised by some 80 per cent of customers, the CEI found.

The index found:

  • 98 per cent of customers said pharmacy staff respected their privacy
  • 97 per cent agreed that pharmacy staff understood their health conditions
  • 93 per cent of customers agreed that pharmacy staff ensured non-prescription medicine was safe for them
  • 95 per cent of customers agreed that pharmacy staff provided medicine information to support their health needs.
  • 96 per cent of customers reported that pharmacy staff offered assistance and asked questions to clarify their needs

Contact: Peter Waterman

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