Campaign reaches 2.4m in target group


Date: 14 December 2016

Chapter 2 of the ‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ national consumer advertising campaign has reached 2.4 million women in the target audience since its launch in June this year.

The Pharmacy Guild campaign’s second chapter continued the story of an animated community pharmacy run by a husband-and-wife team (Eugene and Petunia) providing a range of health services.

The campaign focused on women aged 25 to 54 who were caring for their parents or for children, and encourages them to visit their local pharmacy for advice and services. The messaging was split between mothers caring for their children (promoting asthma and baby care services), and daughters caring for their parents (promoting medication management and diabetes services).

The campaign included 15-second videos featured on websites specifically aimed at an audience of women aged 25-54. These videos were viewed more than 8 million times during the campaign period. Banner ads on these websites also reinformed the Ask Your Pharmacist message.

On average, people watched 98 per cent of the advertisement – a near-perfect completion - which was underpinned by a very strong engagement (click) rate.

Campaigns such as this usually report people clicking or watching the advertisement – but not both. However, Chapter 2 of the ‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ showed strong results in both – a testament to the targeted nature and engaging creative of the campaign.

There were more than 153,000 clicks through to the website, representing a 64 per cent increase on original forecasts and also a significant increase in traffic, with more than 107,000 website sessions recorded during the campaign. There was also a flow-on benefit with an increase of 800 per cent in the number of visitors who then went on to the website.

Eugene and Petunia will be taking a well-earned break, and hope to return in 2017 to continue educating consumers on the range of services community pharmacies offer.

Contact: Bryce Logan

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