Industry concerns raised by pharmacy owner delegation


Date: 14 December 2016

A delegation of 10 pharmacy owners from across the country visited Parliament House in Canberra on November 29-30 and held meetings with more than 20 Ministers, MPs and Senators to brief them on the importance of honouring the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement in full.
Paul Jaffar, Amanda Lynch and Bob Katter

Left to right: Gold Coast pharmacist and Queensland Guild Branch Committee member Paul Jaffar, Pharmacy Guild National Manager Government Relations Amanda Lynch and the Hon Bob Katter MP.

Ken Wyatt, Natalie Willis and Sam Afsar

The Assistant Minister for Health the Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP (centre) with WA pharmacy owners Natalie Willis (right) and Sam Afsar (left).

Victorian Guild Branch President Anthony Tassone said it was encouraging to see the strong level of support for community pharmacy among MPs and Senators.

“They visit local pharmacies regularly in their electorates and remark that pharmacy is one of the few areas of our health system they do not hear concerns from constituents about,” he said.

“Our Guild representatives have made them aware of the challenges we are facing particularly in enduring the significant savings involved with PBS reform whilst trying to ensure sustainable pharmacies to deliver great health outcomes for our patients. 

“The doors are well and truly open for keeping the conversation flowing back in our home States direct from the dispensaries to the offices of our elected representatives.”

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is in formal discussions with the Health Minister’s Office and Health Department officials on the risk-share component of the Agreement.

It is crucial that a resolution is achieved within coming days so that the risk-share adjustment can come into effect early in 2017.

The delegation was made up of Maja Ajdukovic, Greg Scarlett and Veronica Ferraro (South Australia); David Heffernan and Sana Issa (NSW); Sam Afsar and Natalie Willis (Western Australia); John Dowling (Tasmania); Anthony Tassone (Victoria) and Paul Jaffar (Queensland).

Their passionate advocacy on an important issue for the profession is greatly appreciated.

Contact: Amanda Lynch

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