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  1. Community Pharmacy in Health Care Homes Trial Program training modules now available

    11 October 2018

    Community pharmacy’s involvement in the Health Care Homes trial, agreed to last year under the Pharmacy Compact as The Community Pharmacy in Health Care Homes Trial Program, presents an opportunity for community pharmacists to expand their involvement in coordinated and…

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  2. GuildEd – a bright new future for pharmacy education

    4 October 2018

    A new chapter for Guild Learning and Development commences today with the launch of its new education portal, GuildEd.

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  3. CP2025 Champion of Health Services

    3 October 2018

    Elise Apolloni is widely recognised as a leader in the introduction of professional services in her community pharmacy and she understands just how important they are to the pharmacy business, to the staff and to the pharmacy’s patients.

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  4. World Mental Health Day

    3 October 2018

    World Mental Health Day, being held on 10 October, is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy, as well as rising public awareness of mental health issues worldwide.

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  5. Workshops for Health Care Homes community pharmacy trial

    2 October 2018

    The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt in conjunction with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has announced a series of inter-professional support workshops centred in the Primary Health Networks currently participating in the Health Care Homes Trial.

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  6. Optimising nasal health: The role of saline irrigation

    27 September 2018

    Sinonasal complaints are a common cause of morbidity across the world.1-4 In Australia, adults experience an average of two to four, and children eight to 12, viral upper respiratory tract infections each year.5

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  7. New course to educate pharmacists on Aimovig

    26 September 2018

    Migraine is a common and highly debilitating neurological condition, characterised by recurrent attacks of moderate to severe intensity headaches, usually accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, visual disturbances, and increased sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch.1,2

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  8. Member-proprietor only

    Community Pharmacy Agreement survey

    21 September 2018

    A Message from George sent to members on 21 September 2018.

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  9. Diabetes management

    20 September 2018

    Diabetes is a chronic metabolic condition marked by high levels of glucose in the blood and the inability of the body to produce or use insulin.1-3

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  10. Making time to secure your future

    19 September 2018

    We can all fall into the trap of being so busy with our everyday work that we fail to pay sufficient attention to planning for the future.

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