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  1. Received a dodgy looking email?

    8 August 2019

    We are receiving reports about some members and other stakeholders having received an email from Victorian Branch team members trying to share a document.Please be aware that you should NOT trust the source of the email and you are advised…

    VIC | Branch News | Innovation

  2. Women's Health Week

    7 August 2019

    The lack of time is a major barrier for women to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a survey by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has found.

    National | Forefront

  3. CP2025: Constant review of products essential

    7 August 2019

    Every product on a pharmacy shelf has to justify itself and if it is not “moving”, it should be replaced.

    National | Forefront

  4. Small Business Fair Dismissal Code Review

    7 August 2019

    The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, has handed down a comprehensive review of the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code, recommending a suite of changes to help small business employers meet their obligations.

    National | Forefront

  5. Expansion of WA pharmacy vaccination services

    7 August 2019

    The WA Minister for Health Roger Cook has announced the expansion of the schedule of vaccines to be administered by community pharmacists in Western Australia.

    National | Forefront

  6. Cate Whalan - leading diversity challenge

    7 August 2019

    The journey from being a pharmacist in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps to that of community pharmacy owner and Queensland Branch Committee member of the Pharmacy Guild has been one of challenges and achievements for Cate Whalan.

    National | Forefront

  7. Quality Care 2020

    7 August 2019

    The quality and safe use of medicines by Australian consumers has been declared a national priority by Health Minister Greg Hunt, and the Pharmacy Guild supports this declaration wholeheartedly.

    National | Forefront

  8. Over 160 pharmacies in Queensland are now dementia friendly

    5 August 2019

    Queenslanders living with dementia and their carers will now have access to specialised support from trained pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in 165 community pharmacies across the state.

    QLD | Branch News

  9. Pharmacist Immunisation Training

    31 July 2019

    The Pharmacy Guild Immunisation Course will provide pharmacist participants with the knowledge and skills to safely and competently provide vaccination within a community pharmacy as part of the Tasmanian Pharmacist-Administered Vaccination Program.

    TAS | Branch News | Training

  10. Storage of Files Electronically

    31 July 2019

    Health Protection Services have advised that Vaccination administration records may be stored electronically in accordance with the following criteria.

    ACT | Branch News


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