6CPA- Community Pharmacy Programs

There has been an increase in the total funding allocated to community pharmacy Programs in the 6CPA to focus on evidence-based, patient focused services, including a focus on Programs that benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and people living in rural and remote areas.

Total funding of up to $1.26 billion has been made available to fund a combination of continuing community pharmacy Programs, a Pharmacy Trial Program, and new and expanded Programs and services.

Continuing Community Pharmacy Programs ($613 million)

Many of the 5CPA Community Pharmacy Programs will continue in the first year of the 6CPA at their current level of funding. These Programs will be subject to a costeffectiveness assessment to inform continuation and investment in the later years of the agreement. Continuing Programs include:

  • Medication Adherence Programs – DAAs and Staged Supply
  • Medication Management Programs - Clinical Interventions, Home Medicines Reviews, Residential Medication Management Reviews and MedsCheck
  • Rural Support Programs - Rural Pharmacy Workforce Program and the Rural Pharmacy Maintenance Allowance
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs - QUMAX, S100 Support Allowance, Scholarships and Traineeships
  • eHealth - Electronic Prescription Fee

Pharmacy Trial Program ($50 million)

A Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP) to trial new and expanded community pharmacy Programs will be established. The PTP will seek to improve clinical outcomes for consumers and extend the role of pharmacists in the delivery of healthcare services through community pharmacy. A consultation process will be undertaken to inform the priorities for the PTP and the trials to be undertaken.

Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial uses a pharmacist-led, patient-centred service to support patients who are taking medicines to manage chronic pain, or who are self-managing or experiencing pain medicine dependency issues.

The Chronic Pain MedsCheck Trial is funded by the Australian Department of Health as part of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP).

To find your local participating pharmacy, please use the online Pharmacy Search: http://6cpa.com.au/pharmacy-trial-program/chronic-pain-medscheck-trial/

Additional funding to support new and expanded Programs ($600 million)

The 6CPA includes access to additional funding to support new and expanded Programs to be delivered through community pharmacies. Up to $122 million of this additional funding has already been earmarked for DAAs and Staged Supply, subject to cost-effectiveness outcomes and decisions by the Minister. The Commonwealth has acknowledged that the likelihood of these Programs being found cost-effective and recommended for further expansion is very high.

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Page last updated 19 September 2019