6CPA - Location Rules

    Continuation throughout 6CPA

    The Government will legislate for the Location Rules to continue beyond 30 June 2015 until the expiry of the 6CPA on 30 June 2020. These legislative amendments will be part of the wider Package which needs to pass the Australian Parliament in order for the benefits contained in the 6CPA to be implemented from 1 July 2015.

    No immediate changes and no changes without agreement

    The current Location Rules will be unchanged at the start of the 6CPA. Any changes to the Location Rules during the 6CPA can only be made if there is express agreement between the Guild and Government to make the change.

    Public review

    During the 6CPA there will be a public review of the Location Rules and their role in supporting access to PBS medicines. The Location Rules cannot be changed during the 6CPA based on the outcomes of this review (or otherwise) except with the agreement of both the Guild and Government.

    The Guild considers the review as an opportunity to expand on recent comprehensive research it has published which has clearly shown the economic and community benefit of the Location Rules, which result in superior levels of access compared with other sectors including supermarkets, banks and medical centres.

    The Guild will also be taking the opportunity through this review (and separately) to raise with the Government a number of issues related to the current workings of the Location Rules.

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    Page last updated 30 January 2018