GuildCare NG - your next gen pharmacy partner

Built for Business, for Pharmacists and for Patients, GuildCare NG hosts Australia’s largest range of Professional Services on a faster, easier and more intuitive cloud-based platform.

For Business Enable Healthy Results

GuildCare NG improves on the business engagement and profitability of Professional Services delivery in pharmacy. Key features within the platform like the dashboard and patient-centric view enable you to generate healthier business results.

For Pharmacists Fast, Intuitive, Easy

Centred around the needs of Australian pharmacies, the GuildCare NG cloud-based framework had been developed to give pharmacies a faster, more intuitive and easier to use platform.

For Patients Advocating Patient Care and Loyalty

Patient care, customer loyalty and enhancing the role of pharmacy, as an integral healthcare provider within the community, has always been a key component of GuildCare. GuildCare NG expands on this by offering pharmacy a patient-centric design and an integrated patient app – myPharmacyLink.

Drive loyalty and build business with GuildCare NG and myPharmacyLink.

GuildLink Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Guildlink is the primary provider of software and professional programs designed to assist pharmacists meet the requirements of 7CPA and the delivery of professional services.

GuildCare and MemoCare are GuildLink’s software solutions.

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Page last updated on: 12 March 2021