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From April 2020, pharmacists and pre-registrant pharmacists that meet specific criteria in the ACT, can provide influenza vaccinations to persons aged 10 years and over, and the diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (dTpa) and measles-mums-rubellea (MMR) vaccinations to persons aged 16 years and over, without a prescription.

In 2020, participating pharmacies will again be able to provide National Immunisation Program (NIP) funded influenza vaccinations to persons aged 65 years and over, in conjunction with ACT Health, after the successful 2019 pilot program. Pharmacies may wish to charge a service fee for the administration of the NIP funded vaccine, as they are not paid by ACT Health or the Commonwealth for the service.

The Public Health (Community Pharmacy) Code of Practice 2016 (No 1) clause 4 stipulates compliance with the ACT Pharmacist Vaccination Standards.

The Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods (Vaccinations by Pharmacists) Direction 2020 (No1) includes the ACT Pharmacist Vaccination Standards.

The ACT Government Pharmacist Vaccinations webpage contains fact sheets, the ACT Vaccination Standards, an Immunisation Adverse Event Reporting Form and a Pharmacist Vaccination Influenza Record Form.

The Whooping Cough & Flu Vaccination A4 poster (PDF, 3022.82 KB) (which can also be printed in A3 size) or A1 Poster (PDF, 7736.03 KB)can be downloaded to let your customers know of this additional service.

You can also download and print Customer Care Cards PDF, 161.88 KB and Customer Information Sheets on Influenza (PDF, 281.55 KB) and Pertussis (PDF, 280.06 KB).

NSW Guild Training delivers training to ACT pharmacists on behalf of the ACT Branch. NSW Guild Training has been providing nationally recognised training to pharmacists and pharmacy staff throughout Australia since 1995. For further information on training for the Pharmacist Administration of Influenza Vaccine, please visit the NSW Branch Training page.

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Page last updated on: 25 April 2020