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On 27 February 2020 the Secretary Approval for Pharmacist Immuniser was amended to allow an approved pharmacist to administer influenza vaccine to persons aged 10 years and over, and pertussis immunisations, measles-mums-rubella (MMR) and meningococcal ACWY to eligible people aged 15 years and over, effective from 1 April 2020. This lowers the previous age limits and expands the range of vaccines that may be administered by an approved pharmacist in Victoria to include meningococcal ACWY vaccine.

Participating pharmacies in Victoria will again be able to provide a range of vaccines to eligible persons under the National Immunisation Program (NIP), as set out by Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

A Secretary Approval Pharmacist Immuniser defines the conditions that apply to pharmacists.  The conditions of the Secretary Approval and related requirements that pharmacists are required to comply with are described in the Victorian Pharmacist-Administered Vaccination Program Guidelines. These Guidelines describe the conditions of the Approval and expectations regarding pharmacists’ training, fees, premises, vaccines, protocols, target groups and exclusions.

As a condition of the Secretary Approval, pharmacies are required to provide evidence of completion of approved training, nominate a responsible pharmacist and register with the Department of Health & Human Services before they begin administering vaccinations.

Pharmacies providing a vaccination service must be accredited through an appropriate quality assurance program, such as the Quality Care Pharmacy Program.

For further information, please visit the Victoria State Government – Pharmacist Immunisers page or contact the Victorian Guild Branch.

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Page last updated on: 01 April 2020