PRODA (Provider Digital Access) SYSTEM

UPDATE: Vaccinations, PRODA and the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

From 1 March, the Australian Government will require ALL vaccination providers, including community pharmacies, to report influenza vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), with all other National Immunisation Program (NIP) vaccinations to be reported from 1 July.

Under the COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment Strategy of all COVID-19 vaccinations will also be mandatory once the rollout commences, including for participating pharmacies.

Viewing and reporting vaccination activities to AIR - what you need to do

  • For GuildCare users
    1. Ensure your pharmacy receives real-time uploading and feedback on vaccination submissions to AIR by following the GuildCare AIR Integration User Guide
    2. To activate Community Bookings for app and web bookings, follow the GuildCare Community Bookings User Guide
    3. For pharmacies needing assistance in using unique web links on their own website to support further patient bookings, contact GuildLink about a website
    • GuildCare will also be your pharmacy’s COVID-19 Vaccinations all-in-one streamlinedsolution, giving your pharmacy the ability to receive bookings, record services, upload to AIR, and claim payment from PPA.
  • Pharmacies using clinical management software such as GuildCare or MedAdvisor to support their vaccination services should contact their software provider to ensure their pharmacy is ready to report its vaccination activities to AIR via their provider’s updated software.
  • Pharmacies not using clinical management software (such as GuildCare or MedAdvisor) will need to use HPOS and their PRODA account details to manually report their vaccination activities to AIR.

If you need assistance, please contact the Business Support team at your local Guild Branch.

Why do I need a PRODA account?

Because the authentication technology Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) currently used to submit claims and data to Services Australia is being replaced by PRODA (PROvider Digital Access).

PRODA is the Australia Government’s new online verification and authentication system that pharmacies will use to securely access a range of government online services, including:

  • Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)
    • AIR
    • Ordering PBS stationery
    • Healthcare Identifiers and My Health Record
  • My Health Record - through the National provider Portal, and
  • PBS Online (by March 2022)

AIR Vaccination Records

How do I view AIR Vaccination Records?

At this stage, if immunisation providers in your pharmacy need to view the AIR to check a person’s vaccination history, they need to do this via HPOS using their PRODA account which has been linked to your pharmacy’s AIR-linked PRODA Organisation account.

How do I report vaccination records to AIR?

From 1 March 2021 it is mandatory for influenza and COVID vaccinations to be reported to AIR and it will be mandatory for all other vaccinations from 1 July 2021. This is typically done via a pharmacy’s clinical management software, such as GuildCare or MedAdvisor. Pharmacies without clinical management software will need to manually upload vaccinations to AIR using HPOS and their PRODA account details.

What if my pharmacy already has an account with PRODA?

Many pharmacies will already have a PRODA account to support their pharmacy’s dispense uploads to the My Health Record (MHR). If your pharmacy is already registered with PRODA, a notification will appear on-screen when you first start the registration process (Step 2 above). However, you will need to complete Steps 3, 4 and 5 (above) to ensure all your pharmacy’s vaccination activities are reported to AIR.

Government resources

Please ensure you keep up to date through your local Guild Branch and contact your local Guild Business Support team for further assistance.

The Guild is currently aligning its Member resources with updated Service Australia recommendations and will provide further detail on timelines, registration requirements and troubleshooting issues. Branches will be updated when details are available.

Key milestones for community pharmacies

Page last updated on: 03 March 2021