Australia Immunisation Register (AIR) and Vaccination Providers

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records all vaccines given to people of all ages in Australia. The AIR can only accept immunisation information from recognised vaccination (healthcare) providers. It is mandatory for all vaccinations to be reported to AIR from 1 July 2021.

From 2021, access to the AIR is only possible through HPOS using a PRODA account. Below are some frequently asked questions that may be useful.

What are the Government’s AIR requirements for vaccination providers?

From 1 March 2021 it is mandatory for influenza and COVID vaccination to be reported to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) and it will be mandatory for all other vaccinations to be reported to AIR from 1 July 2021.

How does my pharmacy register as a ‘vaccination provider’?

There are two forms your pharmacy will have to complete:

  1. Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) - application to register as a vaccination provider form (IM004) - Services Australia
    • Your pharmacy will then receive an AIR provider number and your AIR linking code which will link your pharmacy to the AIR)
  2. Online claiming provider agreement form (HW027) – application to register for online claiming with Services Australia.

How do I access or check my pharmacy’s AIR Provider Number?

To check an AIR provider number call the PRODA help line on 1800 700 199 –choose option 5 (pharmacies requiring support to access the AIR).

How do I check if my HW027 form has been processed and the AOR Minor Id has been recorded in the Services Australia system?

To check if the HW027 form has been processed and AIR Minor ID has been recorded in Services Australia system, call the PRODA help line on 1800 700 199 – choose option 5 (pharmacy support to access the AIR)

How does my pharmacy VIEW and REPORT vaccination activities in AIR?

This will depend on the way your pharmacy wants to report vaccinations to AIR, however, all vaccinating pharmacies will need a PRODA account to VIEW patient’s AIR record (via HPOS).

The requirement for PRODA in REPORTING vaccinations to AIR will depend on whether a pharmacy is using third party software (e.g., GuildCare, MedAdvisor, GoBooking) or choosing to report manually to AIR via the Health Professional Online Service (HPOS) portal (i.e., choosing not to use third party software).

Whilst the Guild recommends using GuildCare NG’s real-time AIR-integrated platform for all vaccination service activities, pharmacies choosing to access AIR directly can do so by following the Services Australia guidance.

My pharmacy uses GuildCare for its vaccination services. What do I need to do?

Ensure your pharmacy receives real-time uploading and feedback on its vaccination submissions to AIR by following the GuildCare AIR Integration User Guide.

NOTE: GuildCare are transitioning to web services so if your pharmacy is using GuildCare, it will be able to access real-time data from AIR to determine a patient’s vaccination status and will not need to access AIR via the HPOS portal.

Pharmacies using GuildCare should also:

  1. Review GuildCare’s PRODA FAQs
  2. Subscribe to the GuildCare NG eNewsletter, and
  3. Register for GuildCare NG’s webinars.

To activate Community Bookings for app and web bookings, follow the GuildCare Community Bookings User Guide

For pharmacies needing assistance in using unique web links on their own website to support further patient bookings, contact GuildLink about a website

NOTE: GuildCare will also be your pharmacy’s COVID-19 Vaccination’s ‘all-in-one’ streamlined solution, giving your pharmacy the ability to receive bookings, record services, upload to AIR, and claim payment from PPA.

My pharmacy uses another third-party software provider. What do I need to do? 

Pharmacies will need to contact your third-party software provider for advice.

The Guild has been advised that MedAdvisor are still working on their pharmacy customer support resources. Pharmacies using MedAdvisor should therefore contact their MedAdvisor representative directly.

My pharmacy does not use third-party software. Do we still need PRODA?

YES. Pharmacies not using third-party software will still need to use HPOS and their PRODA account details to view a patient’s AIR vaccination record and/or to manually REPORT their vaccination activities to the AIR.

Therefore, pharmacies choosing not to use third party software (e.g., GuildCare, MedAdvisor, GoBooking) will need to:

  1. Register their pharmacy (organisation) in PRODA, and
  2. Link to HPOS-AIR using the AIR provider number and linking code.

Do I need to add my pharmacy’s vaccinating staff to my pharmacy’s (organisation) PRODA account?

YES. The person with Owner Access to your pharmacy’s (organisation) PRODA account will need to add the pharmacy’s vaccinating staff to the pharmacy’s (organisation) PRODA account.

For more information on how to structure your pharmacy (organisation) in PRODA, see to Are there examples of PRODA structures that I can refer to?.

How do I check a patient’s AIR vaccination record?

This will depend on whether your pharmacy is using third party software, for example, GuildCare,MedAdvisor or GoBooking. If your software provider is web serviced-enabled (e.g. GuildCare), you will be able to view a patient’s AIR record via your third-party software.

If your pharmacy’s software provider is not yet web serviced-enabled and is still using the established ‘client-adaptor’ technology, your pharmacy staff will need to access AIR by using their individual PRODA account which has been linked to your pharmacy’s PRODA Organisation account.

NOTE: Check with your third-party software provider regarding your pharmacy’s options in viewing a patient’s vaccination record in AIR.

If you are not using third-party software your pharmacy will need to use HPOS and its PRODA account details to view a patient’s AIR vaccination record and/or to manually REPORT the vaccination activities to the AIR.

For further information on accessing the AIR, visit Services Australia.

Do any pharmacy staff need a PRODA account?

YES. If they are providing services and interacting with Services Australia on behalf of your pharmacy, they will need an individual PRODA account and have this account linked to your pharmacy’s organisation PRODA account.Refer to the What are the steps I need to take to setup PRODA for vaccination purposes?

Page last updated on: 11 August 2021