Codeine upscheduling

Community pharmacies across Australia will soon receive resources designed collaboratively by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) in preparation for the 1 February 2018 transition of medicines containing codeine becoming Prescription Only.

The Guild and the PSA are committed to ensuring that rigorous, safe and patient-focused solutions are in place to enable this change, which will affect an estimated one million patients in 2018.

The two organisations have collaborated to develop a package of materials - designed to support pharmacists and consumers - which reflect a whole-of-pharmacy approach to ensure the entire pharmacy sector is prepared for the change.

The Guild and PSA have also worked together to develop specialised online training modules and tools for pharmacists and pharmacy staff to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.  The materials to be provided to pharmacies include:

  1. A fact sheet on what a pharmacist needs to know about changes to medicines containing codeine.
  2. A pharmacy checklist to prepare for the February 2018 upscheduling.
  3. A consumer flyer for pharmacists to encourage consumers to talk to their pharmacists about the changes.
  4. A counter card to encourage consumers to talk to their pharmacists about pain management.
  5. Self Care Fact Cards for pharmacists to use with patients.
  6. A flow chart to help pharmacists and pharmacy staff provide advice and referrals to patients.
  7. Template letters of referral and seeking assistance communicating the changes to patients for pharmacists to send to their local health professionals.

The training modules are available for all pharmacists to access via Guild Learning & Development and the PSA's websites.

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Page last updated 23 November 2017