Be a great mentee

So you're interested in being mentored? Great!

Being mentored offers many benefits

Link to New networks and connectedness

New networks and connectedness

People want real connections and support. Mentoring provides it.

Link to Improved people & interpersonal skills

Improved people & interpersonal skills

Soft skills are more important than ever, but are becoming rarer.

Link to Empowerment & accountability

Empowerment & accountability

People crave progress and the encouragement to get there.

How to be a great mentee: Develop a passion for learning and you will never cease to grow

Set your goals: Use the Mentorloop goal-setting framework and communicate your goals with your mentor

Be open about your needs: Give your mentor a clear view of your expectations and aspirations

Come to each meeting with an agenda: Your mentor won't have much feedback or advice if you don't have a purpose or goals

Take responsibility for your own learning: Set yourself tasks in Mentorloop; read blogs, listen to podcasts or attend events

Be available & responsive: Check your Mentorloop portal or communication channel often and maintain regular contact

Heed mentors experience & advice: Don't be defensive, your mentor is trying to help you out with constructive feedback

Develop trust: Don't ask for a job. Your mentor is a trusted adviser

Learn & have fun: Being a mentee shouldn't be a chore. It should be an engaging and fruitful experience

Keeping in touch with your mentoring counterpart

There are several ways you and your mentor can keep in touch once you've established your mentoring relationship:

  • Login to the Mentorloop portal and use the loop chat functionality. Send messages, images, videos or set tasks. Loops are private and can only be seen by those included in the loop.
  • Catch-up face-to-face, either in person if you both live in the same area, or digitally through systems like facetime, video chat or skype.
  • Speak on the phone or email, if you and your mentor have exchanged personal details. This can be a good way of touching base easily on topics that come up in your day-to-day activities

It's a good idea to talk with your mentor about how often and which ways you both wish to keep in touch. However you keep in touch, making sure you have regular conversations with your mentor is the best way to get value out of your mentorship.

Page last updated on: 04 August 2020