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Digital health is the transfer of health resources and health care by electronically connecting up the points of care so that health information can be shared securely.

Digital health and Community Pharmacy

Community pharmacy in Australia leads the way in terms of its willingness to embrace Digital health and adopt innovative technologies and strategies in its mission to offer the highest standard of pharmacy and health care services.

Whether those innovations are technological, systematic or strategic in nature, the Guild has developed the necessary infrastructure and culture to implement innovation efficiently across the community pharmacy network and in such a way as to deliver significant benefits to the public.

In the area of digital health, no other profession has done more than community pharmacy in terms of investing resources to support moves to the digital health model. Key examples are:

  • PBS Online – this claiming platform was rolled out nationally in 2007 and had rapid uptake. It is now used by community pharmacies to allow 99.6% of PBS prescriptions to be claimed and adjudicated online and in real time. PBS Online is a testament to the willingness and ability of community pharmacy to embrace new technologies where the Guild and dispensing software vendors are actively involved in their design and where appropriate remuneration is provided.
  • Patient support through IT solutions - the GuildCare suite of programs assist pharmacists in the delivery of professional services and support, including medication management programs, compliance and adherence programs.
  • Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (ETP) - community pharmacy has consistently looked for ways to utilise technology to improve patient care and safety in the area of medication management. Community pharmacy was the first health profession to have their clinical records fully computerised. The Guild has fostered the development of a national ETP system through the companies’ eRx ( and Fred Health (
  • My Health Record previously known as the Personally Controlled Controlled Electronic Health Record or PCEHR, is an Australian Govenrnment initiative designed to allow doctors, hospitals and other healthcare provides, such as pharmacists to view and share patients' health information in order to

National Prescription and Dispense Repository

The National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR) is a medicines repository that has been developed by Fred IT Group on behalf of the Australian Government. The NPDR stores prescription and dispensed medications from different doctors, pharmacies and hospitals, that is indexed into an individual’s My Health Record. When a provider accesses a patient’s My Health Record, this information is retrieved from the NPDR and displayed to the provider in the patient’s My Health Record.

Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

The Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (ETP) is an important foundation stone in community pharmacy’s role in digital health. ETP is the safe and secure transfer of prescription information between a prescriber (doctor, specialist, dentist, optometrist, nurse practitioner etc.) and a Community Pharmacy using an electronic system known as a Prescription Exchange Service (PES).




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