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MedView is a medicines repository containing prescribed and dispensed records from the acute, aged care and primary health care settings.

MedView was funded as a trial site by the Australian Government via the PCEHR eHealth Wave sites program and run by Fred IT Group with the support of 6 IT Vendors, the Geelong hospital and the local division of general practice to demonstrate the functionality of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR).

The MedView project was an opt-out trial so consumers had to actively choose not to participate - none did.

MedView Phase 1

Completed in June 2012, the first phase of MedView was the creation of the medicines repository.  This involved the cooperation GPs, pharmacy, hospitals, and aged care in the Barwon region of Victoria as well as between Australia’s Health IT vendors.  Project partners include NEHTA, Barwon Medicare Local, Barwon Health, and Pharmacy Guild of Australia, as well as leading software vendors Best Practice, Zedmed, iCare, BossNet, FRED, Simple Retail, Pharmhos, and eRx Script Exchange.

Figure 1 - MedView concept

MedView diagram

Importantly, as a result, health care practitioners in the Barwon Region of Victoria experienced substantial improvements in the visibility of their patient’s health care information.

Trial statistics

The statistics during the three-month trial speak volumes:

10,046 patients had their medications information shared electronically between their care team.

  • 149,000 records were created.
  • 190 of 198 pharmacies (95%) participated.

Initiatives such as MedView rely upon wider eHealth infrastructure such as ePrescribing.  National prescriptions exchange services such eRx and Medisecure, provided a vital link by enabling consented data to be securely shared with the national repository.

MedView Phase 2: the NPDR

With the successful completion of Phase [1], MedView was transitioned to Australia’s national ehealth infrastructure under the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) as the National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR) in May 2013.

The NPDR is governed by the PCHER rules and legislation including the privacy provision to opt-in and sharing option for the consumer regarding certain prescription information.  The NPDR is owned by the Australian Government and operated by Fred IT Group under contract to the Australian Government Department of Health.  While the NPDR is an improvement on having no medication records it is not a complete medication history.

Figure 2 - PCEHR Concept view incl. NPDR

Views, searches and reports >< PCEHR system < Information sources

MedView was an Australian Government funded industry partnership (part of the $467 million Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records (PCEHR) project).  For more information, visit

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